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In our hectic world, poisoned by endless negativity, division, anger and vanity, the documentary feature “Truelove: The Film” may just be the antidote for such deep polarization. This award-winning film will give viewers a glimpse of what it’s like to experience life through the eyes of Callie Truelove, a teenage girl with Williams syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that has blessed her with the superpower of LOVE! Rooted in a deletion of a group of specific genes on chromosome #7, this condition can manifest in devastating, life-threatening physical and developmental challenges, but it also often comes with some near-miraculous side effects. Callie grew up to only see the good and the positive in the world and the people around her. This unburdened outlook on life, combined with her loving and compassionate heart has already affected countless people from around the world, ranging from lifting their spirits to enriching their days to even saving lives. This film chronicles Callie’s journey as she spreads her special brand of Truelove while meeting other individuals living with Williams syndrome and their families, and in the process – enlighten the world about this fascinating syndrome in hopes that humanity can a take a good look at itself and see what we can all learn from these amazing individuals full of grace and unconditional love.

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Meet The Trueloves

Tabitha and Keith are childhood sweethearts who met at a school dance. Keith was playing in the band and quickly stole Tabitha’s heart. She ran home that night to tell her mom she just met the man she was going to marry. The rest, as they say, is history…
Tabitha and Keith have 4 lovely daughters together. Amanda is their first-born, followed by Briana, Delaney and Callie. Tabitha knew right away that Callie was different from their other girls, and after narrowly escaping death before the age of 1 and endless doctors’ visits, she was finally diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome. While Tabitha and Keith always knew Callie was special, they could have never imagined that her ability to love so freely and unconditionally would touch the lives of everyone she meets, and millions of people that she hasn’t. After surviving endless challenges including a risky open-heart surgery, Callie started sharing her life and experiences on Facebook, touching and inspiring people all over the world with her own very special brand of Truelove. As her loyal following quickly grew, the Trueloves decided to dedicate themselves to helping Callie promote this divine kindness and unconditional love to as many people as possible and help change the world, while spreading awareness of Williams syndrome in the process. This journey is documented in “Truelove: The Film”

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“Truelove: The Film” was released in 2022 at various film festivals and special events throughout the United States. Subsequently, the film took honors and awards at the 2022 Beverly Hills Film Festival, The California Independent Film Festival and the Awareness Festival in Los Angeles, among others. The film is now available in North America and several countries around the world via major streaming, satellite and cable platforms. For the latest “Truelove” news and to keep up with all of the developments, please make sure to get on our mailing list.

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Meet The Producers

“Truelove: The Film” is produced by Former Prodigy Media, a production company founded by Christopher Knight, better known for his iconic TV role as America’s favorite middle son, “Peter Brady” on “The Brady Bunch”, and his long-time friend and colleague, two-time Emmy Award-nominated producer Phil Viardo. “Truelove: The Film” has been a passion project for both Knight and Viardo for several years and is Phil’s feature directorial debut. For more information on the company, please visit

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